5 Amazing Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

5 Amazing Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

The benefits of yoga as a go-to holistic mind and body practice also extend to improving health and wellness throughout pregnancy. There are many benefits of prenatal yoga, which we have seen in our Prenatal Yoga Classes. Prenatal yoga can improve a host of common pregnancy ailments – including reducing pregnancy related pains and aches, improving sleep quality, boosting mood and toning and strengthening muscles in preparation for childbirth. Under the guidance of a qualified and experienced yoga practitioner, prenatal yoga can have a range of health benefits that will help mother and baby both during pregnancy and the months following.

The following list highlights just some of the many benefits of prenatal yoga – both the body and mind during pregnancy.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga:


Improved sleep quality


Tossing and turning at night and waking frequently are common symptoms of pregnancy. This can dramatically affect overall sleep quality for some expecting mothers. Prenatal yoga can help induce a more restful sleep, with less sleep-wakening and less perceived sleep disturbance. By improving sleep quality, prenatal yoga is a great way to boost energy levels throughout the day as well as improve overall mood.


Less stress, anxiety and depression


Pregnancy brings with it many changes for the mother to be – both physically and mentally. This can include increased feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. Expecting mothers may be anxious about the physical changes occurring to their body or hold fears of their impending labour. There may be stressors during pregnancy that are heightened, which can affect their overall health and wellbeing. One benefit of prenatal yoga is that it can help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety and reduce overall stress levels. Prenatal yoga incorporates mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques that can calm a stressed nervous system. It also encourages mental centering and focus-a term yogi’s call ‘conscious breathing’ that helps still the mind.


Reduces pain and discomfort


Prenatal yoga can offer relief from common pregnancy complaints and ailments including lower back pain, headaches and nausea. Gentle yoga poses can stretch and tone muscles that may be holding tension and this
can help alleviate pain and strengthen muscles and ligaments to enable the mother to carry her baby more comfortably. Gentle movement and stretching will also improve blood circulation and can reduce the incidence of painful swelling and appearance of varicose veins.


Supports a changing body


A pregnant body is ever-changing and prenatal yoga will support and assist the body to physically adapt and strengthen in line with these changes. Prenatal yoga helps tone important muscles especially the pelvic floor. Toning and strengthening the pelvic floor will assist the mother not only during pregnancy but in the months following, to reduce the likelihood of health complications including incontinence and bladder prolapse. Prenatal yoga will gently work the abdominal muscles to create a balance in strength between the abdominal and lower back muscles to promote good posture and help alleviate lower back pain.


Prepares the body for labour


Overall, prenatal yoga will increase the strength and endurance of the muscles and ligaments required for childbirth, as well as enabling better flexibility of the hip joints in preparation for labour and birth. Deep breathing practices are also developed so you learn to use your abdominals and diaphragm to deepen the breath, which is an effective technique for getting through labour.


There are many benefits of prenatal yoga, that’s why more and more women are turning to prenatal yoga to improve their wellbeing throughout pregnancy and improve the connection between mother and baby. For detailed times of classes, visit our prenatal class timetable.

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